Make your application shine

With not long to go until applications close for the Auckland Airport Community Trust’s 2017 community granting round, what will make yours stand out?

1. Less is more!

Today’s world is constantly trying to grab our attention - or distract it. The world of funding is no different! Think “less is more”, and make your first paragraph count. A clear and concise “who, what and why” will help your application shine. 

2. Be focused

What problem or issue are you trying to solve? Be focused when describing your project, why it’s needed by the community, and why you're the best organisation to solve the problem. And remember, funding guidelines exist for a reason – so make sure your project meets the eligibility criteria.

3. Evidence, evidence, evidence

There’s no doubt that data can be daunting, but it’s actually your friend. Data provides evidence of your success and showing how you will measure your data will help you demonstrate successes, outcomes and impact once the project is up and running.

4. Be realistic… and true to yourself

We all want to dream big! But be realistic about the amount of funding that you’re requesting… and also what your project can achieve. Will you be able to complete the project on time?

5. Sustainability 

Don’t think short term. Funders ultimately want to see your project succeed and continue on long past their grant – so ensure your application shows you have a plan for sustainability.

And finally...

Give yourself plenty of time! The more rushed you are, the less likely your application is going to be the best representation of you and your project.

Applications for the 2017 Auckland Airport Community Trust’s funding round close on 30 June. You can download the application form here.