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Auckland Airport Community Trust (AACT) provides financial assistance to help with the installation of a noise mitigation package to some homes that fall within the Annual Aircraft Noise Contours moderate aircraft noise area. The Trust is also passionate about helping the community thrive and grow.

AACT was established in 2003 by Auckland International Airport Limited as a condition of the Environment Court following approval for the company to build a second runway at Auckland Airport.

The court decision (A143/2001) specified that $250,000 per annum (adjusted by the consumer price index each year) should be contributed by the company to the Trust, and be distributed as a ‘noise mitigation’ fund. Since then, the Trust has distributed over $4 million in grants for community benefit, focusing on uplifting education outcomes in the Manukau area.

These grants are awarded to support the communities living within current and projected noise-affected areas in the vicinity of Auckland Airport.

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