Community Grants

What we Fund

Trust giving principles

  • Funded projects should achieve clear outcomes that can be clearly measured through a planned evaluation.
  • The Trust gives preference to projects that build a community’s capacity to lead change.
  • Grants must be acceptable to the community, support community outcomes that are not readily achievable without the Trust’s funding, add value to the community and demonstrate long-lasting value to the community.
  • Preference is given for projects that are collaborative and avoid duplication of services.

Trust funding priorities:

For the 2023/24 community funding round the Trust will have a focus on organisations that support WELL-BEING, RESILIENCE & RECOVERY.  Due to the impact of the recent weather events that had catastrophic effects on the Trust’s area of benefit, organisations that can demonstrate how they will be supporting the community in the recovery; either immediate or long term response, will be prioritised.

Organisations can apply for our annual Community Grants or our monthly Micro-funding grants for projects/programmes that fit the Trust’s funding priorities:

  • Supporting learning opportunities for children and young people, such as through play and reading, or sports.
  • Engaging whanau and encouraging families to spend more time together. • Bringing communities together.
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Providing or increasing access to services for those who most benefit from those services but are unable to access them.
  • Recognising, celebrating and supporting Tangata Whenua.
  • Supporting inclusiveness and promote diversity. • Promoting a wider understanding of and respect for different cultures in the community.

Priority organisations
The Trust encourages organisations offering the following to apply:

  • Education
  • Community
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment
  • Sport
  • Health

Priority will be given to projects or programmes that support learning opportunities for children and young people, improve the health & well-being of the community, support inclusiveness, promote diversity and bring communities together.

Community funding programmes
The Trust has two community funding programmes:

Annual contestable grantmaking programme which supports organisations who are delivering outstanding service to the Airport’s community.

Micro-funding. This grantmaking programme is designed to be responsive. Enabling a flexible approach to the changing conditions and needs of the community. The aim is to get small grants to organisations quickly and easily to meet their immediate and small-scale needs.

Happy Recipients

We are heartened by the alignment of Auckland Airport Community Trust and Rise UP goals, AACT are our kind of people! Their support of our Whanau Educator is leveraging services to improve social, health and educational outcomes for Maori and Pasifika children and their whanau.
Catherine Duncan


Thank you so much for your support last year – it really makes a difference to our organisation.
Michelle Webb-Atkinson


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